London – Day 3

I can’t believe it has been three days. Today Anna and I woke up close to 11am, got ready quickly and called a cab to take us to our new apartment. Several stories about that. We called a cab but then went to the street and a cab drove by and stopped for us. So we thought…why not. Well…the cab we had called pulled up just behind it and was not happy with us and sent the other cab away. It turned out okay because he drove us right by Buckingham Palace and down the Mall! Pretty cool. We got to the apartment building, rolled our suitcases up, the maids were outside having a break and because we didn’t pick up our keys first I thought…what luck! As we are paying the cab driving, they shut the door on us! Very luckily two girls from our program, Kate and Miquel were getting out of their cab from the airport at the same time and had stopped by to get their keys so they could let us in the building. We unpacked, caught up with the other girls from the program that arrived and also picked up our keys and stopped by a small grocery store. The apartment is very modern, so not the character that Chelsea is, but it will do.

I met Oli and his fiance Sarah tonight at 6:45 at Temple Station. We walked to Ye Olden Cheshire Cheese. Which according to it’s website….is one of the few pubs in London that can justify the ‘Ye Olde’ in its name. It was well known in the 17th century and many pubs have previously occupied this site, one of them, the Horn Tavern is recorded in 1538. The earliest incarnation was a guest house belonging to a 13th century Carmelite Monastery, the pub’s vaulted cellars are thought to belong to that building. The pub was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666 and rebuilt the following year.

Oli had never been but me being a tourist thought it was a good idea. It was pretty cool. We had some dinner there…I ate a steak and kidney pie..I think. It had gravy, and peas and carrots on the side, and french fries. Something Oli thought was truly British. And it was. We drank some bitter ale. It was great and really London feeling. Then Oli had made reservations at a bar on top of a building he use to work, that has a view of all of London. We drank ridiculous cocktails and had an amazing view of the city! He and Sarah really went above and beyond to show me London from the alley way pubs to the posh view bars. I am going to sleep exhausted and happy tonight. Cheers!

photo (1)View from the bar



2 thoughts on “London – Day 3

  1. Sounds like you’re already getting stuck in! You’re actually quite lucky to arrive to a snowy London. It’s very, very rarely like this! Hmm good places to check out may be the Hummingbird Bakery in South Kensington, they do really good cupcakes. If you want good views, maybe see if you can book a ticket for the Shard viewing gallery which opens in February – or you could go to the Duck and Waffle, a restaurant on the 40th floor of Heron Tower. Nice food and amazing views but not too pricey. And definitely check out Chinese New Year in Soho in February, London has the biggest Chinatown in Europe 🙂 Not meaning to sound like a know it all, sometimes its nice to have some ideas though…
    I look forward to reading your blog posts. I do write about London so if you ever fancy some inspiration feel free to stop by!

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