It is fun figuring out London quirks

Figuring out money has been funny. Yesterday we had an interesting experience buying phones, and the guy was explaining how much each phone call and text costs in “P’s”.  So one text cost 10 p, a phone call is 30 p per minute. Each time he said it, it sounded like Pea…so I was paying in peas?  When he walked away we looked at each other and went… P…as in pence? Like cents? How much do you think that is in cents?

Then we had to pay in cash because at electronic stores they only take cards with a chip on it. Though we never found out what a chip meant. I stood at the cash register studying the coins in my wallet, looking at both sides, examining before handing it over. I was that person.


Today I noticed that in cafe’s it is cheaper to get items to go, then it is to stay. It costs about 20p more just to stay inside the shop. Maybe it is because they warm the food, and will have to clean the dishes. But seeing the price difference is pretty strange and new to me!


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