London – Day 2

I slept over 14 hours last night. Anna fell asleep on the couch around 7, and I did my best to stay up. I was nodding off around 8 trying to hold a conversation with Elizabeth, then she said I just stopped responding around 9:30 and was out. Her sweet puppy Olivia curled up to me in the night. We woke up at 11:45am, even before Anna! Outside it had clearly already been snowing for awhile. We walked back down King’s Road and stopped in shops and ran errands. The shop I really liked was BlueBird which also has a restaurant on top. We had lunch at Gail’s which is a bakery. I had a hot chocolate and a ham and cheese croissant. It snowed the entire time. We had meant to go to school but just felt lazy with sleeping so long, and the snow. It was nicer to spend time sitting in a cafe. Afterwards we went back to Elizabeth’s to rest, and for dinner Anna went out with friends and Elizabeth and I went to Made in Italy, an Italian restaurant on King’s Road. I had the most amazing carbonara ever. I have discovered that either Chelsea is where Italians all live, or there are just a ton of Italians in London. And they are real Italians! like to where they can’t quite understand what we are saying, so obviously they make the best food. I think that is about it for the night. Tomorrow I move into my flat!


View outside Elizabeth’s apartment. I like the tiny british flags in the window across the street.


King’s Road


Saatchi Gallery


Saatchi Gallery


Snowy Streets in Chelsea


Anna enjoying the weather!


Gail’s Bakery


Ham and Cheese Croissant


Delicious goods


Enjoying lunch!


Snowy Flowers




Dinner at Made in Italy


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