London – Day 1

I have arrived!

It was quite an adventure making it here. I arrived at the airport with plenty (aka too much) time. Anthony stayed until it was time for me to leave. The actual plane ride was a disaster. I realized it was about 15 minutes past our departure time and we were still sitting at the gate. Finally someone comes on to say that a person has made a personal choice to leave the plane, and they had to find their bags below for security reasons. I really hope it was a romcom kind of leave, they couldn’t fly back to London without telling that girl he loves her, and nothing bad. Finally half an hour we were on our way. We get to the tarmac and wait…and wait… Turns out, there is a technical issue and a ground crew has been called out to check on it. Of course they couldn’t figure it out so they towed us back to the gate where we wanted for the engineers. Turns out there was dust on a microchip that was sending a false alarm Check Engine light to the cockpit?? Then we had to wait our turn behind other flights, so another hour later and we were finally off.  I was lucky to have no one sitting next to me so I curled up in a tiny ball and did my best to sleep through the turbulence. Then that was disrupted and they turned the lights on, served dinner which I scarfed down (cheese ravioli, salad, roll, carrot cake). I did not feel great after that, but I slept through it. The muffin for breakfast was terrible I only ate one bite of it. I was about an hour late getting into Heathrow where I was supposed to meet Anna. But since she arrived early, and me late, she took a cab into the city and I followed later. We are both staying at Elizabeth’s house until we move into our apartment on Saturday.

Elizabeth is staying in an amazing one bedroom in Chelsea, about a block and a half away from the Albert Bridge. We walked up to King’s Road to look at the shops. They have Anthropologie here! We stopped into TMobile and picked up pay as you go phones, went to the Peter Jones department store, found an Italian deli called La Bottega where I ate a salami and cheese sandwich for lunch/dinner. We walked back to and across the Albert Bridge before coming back to Elizabeth’s. I’m pretty exhausted but am trying to stay up to fix my internal clock.

It still feels unreal that I am in London! I think until I see something like Big Ben will I really get it. Tomorrow we are going to check out our school, and pick up the keys to the apartment, and who knows what else! I have been able to communicate by Viber and Whatsapp when I’ve been at the apartment, and incoming calls and texts to my cell are free…so if you want the number let me know!


Elizabeth’s Apartment in Chelsea


Anna Stepping out in Chelsea


Chelsea Street


First meal in London – Italian Deli!




The new phone!


Prince Albert Bridge


View from Battersea Park


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